Angel Honey Butter

Angel Honey Butter

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Thick and luxurious yet soft to the touch, our Angel Butter is an original formula infused with our Angel Honey fragrance that will leave your skin deeply moisturized and silky to the touch so you can feel like the angel you are!

🥰why our butter

💜100% vegan, organic, and cruelty free

💜we use the highest quality and grade of ingredients in our butters

🥰key ingredients

💜shea butter: abundant in fatty acids and vitamin E, this creates a hydrating barrier that protects and nourishes your skin

💜mango butter: rich in vitamin C, hydrating and softening the skin while supporting collagen production

💜jojoba oil: ultra healing and deeply moisturizing with high levels of antioxidants

🍯The infused scent:

Angel Honey is the sweetest, most angelic honey lavender scent on the market, with sweet vanilla sugar to really give it that extra special something.