Our Story

Hi, I’m Natalie, the creator of Angel Stick. I wanted to create products that evoked the magic and happiness that can be seen in every day life. Each scent is handcrafted and curated in our studio to be synchronistic with the balance of life. I believe deeply in this simple yet untouchable thing that connects us as people. I wanted to make this tangible through fragrance and self care.

We believe in power that lies beyond what we can see, and in the sheer ability of our senses. Angel Stick fragrances use a smellscape and blend with metaphysical properties that radiate attraction, intention, and synchronicity. From there, we were able to use that same knowledge to create our body butters and scrubs! Angel Stick products are designed to make feel you like an angel! Our unique products make your aura magnetic and empower you to harness the power of self.