This Is The Cure For Dry Skin

My skin can get so dry, especially during the colder winter months. Body butter is super nourishing to the skin and always cures my dryness!! Our Angel Butter, infused with our signature fragrance Angel Stick No. 22, is packed with organic nutrients that nourish the skin and are SUPER hydrating! It’s like experiencing our original scent in hydrating, yummy butter form!


😍 At Angel Stick, we make everything by hand. 

In creating the formula for our Angel Butter, we tried different types of butters, oils, and other beneficial ingredients. After perfecting the texture, consistency, and quality of ingredients, we had a winner! Right here in our studio, we melt down vegan and organic butters mixed with our special blend of nourishing ingredients, plus our delicious fragrance, to make the thickest and softest butter imaginable. Our Angel Butter is deeply hydrating, as well as nourishing and brightening to the skin! This also helps to fade stretch marks and can heal eczema. If you struggle with dry skin or just want to brighten and nourish your body, this is for you!

💜 We take pride in our clean ingredients (our Angel Butter is vegan and organic!) and in knowing that all products are cruelty free. We love finding amazing ingredients that will help you treat your beautiful skin the best you can! We are so excited to develop new scents and products for you all, and for you to experience our handcrafted Angel Butter

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