Manifestation Magic

The power of manifestation is real!! When we actively and openly speak things into our lives, or call on things to happen, you are sending a message to the universe and letting it know what you want. And the universe listens! Our attraction oils are great ways to invite great energy into your life, but a little extra push in the right direction never hurts. Here are some of my favorite ways to manifest my goals and desires!! 💖

  • Write it down.
    • Not only is journaling super therapeutic, but by writing down our manifestations, we actively invite that energy into our lives. This is like sending a message to the universe about what you want!
  • Speak it into existence.
    • Say your manifestation out loud with confidence! You can repeat mantras or come up with your own. 
  • Make a vision board.
    • This helps you to visualize and fully create the manifestation before it comes true. This helps you to know what you really want and what that looks like.
  • Align your actions.
    • By working at something, you are manifesting. Work hard and be consistent and this will allow your manifestation to come to fruition.
  • Express gratitude.
    • When you are being pointed in the right direction, express gratitude in knowing that you are on the right path to your achievement.
  • Look for signs and synchronicities.
    • Ever notice that things are lining up perfectly, or that you are experiencing lots of synchronicities? This is a sign that you are on the right path, keep going!

Thanks for reading and happy manifesting! ✨